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Monday Night Skills & Drills

Join us on Mondays starting April 11th at 5:30pm leaving from Fresh Air Concept. This ride is for everyone. We will start with about an hour ride and work up to a longer ride as daylight permits. The goal is to have fun, grow confidence riding in a group, encourage safe riding on the roads and to do either a skill or a drill.  

Skills might be something like how to change a flat tire when you forgot your cell phone, or even how to change gears nice and smoothly. A Drill could be anything from how to ride in a group and to communicate with hand signals or maybe even how to sprint! If you have something you’d like our inspired women to teach speak up!  We want to know what you want to know!

Axel Merckx Fondo

As we said, we are all going to go and ride the Fondo together, and we are going to get you ready to ride it together too!  Saturday starting May 7th leaving from Fresh Air Concept, we are rolling out on our Fondo preparation rides.  

Along with the training plan, we’ll actually get you ready by leading you on a coached ride.  We will get ready for the big day gradually and make sure you are confident in achieving your distance goal.  Details will be announced closer to the first ride.